Prana SpaCeuticals Bikini Bottom 3.4oz

Prana SpaCeuticals Bikini Bottom 3.4oz

Item#: prana_spaceuticals_bikini_bottom_3.4oz

Prana SpaCeuticals Bikini Bottom eliminates unsightly, embarrassing bumps and redness with natural anti-inflammatory whole plants.

Product Description

Product Description

Formulated for sensitive skin types, these natural brighteners and Mandelic Acid prevent ingrown hairs and discoloration, and reduce irritation from pre/post waxing, shaving, and daily friction.


• Eliminates un-sightly marks

• Brightens dull skin from excessive waxing

• Smoothes texture

• Provides nourishment & hydration to the skin

• Helps pseudofolliculitis

• Prevents pore blockage, which causes acne lesions and comedones