Osmosis Colour 2 In 1 Pencil Sharpener

Osmosis+Colour 2 In 1 Pencil Sharpener

Item#: OCP-874

The Osmosis Colour Pencil Sharpener features a dual-chambered sharpener that creates pointed or round tips with ease.

Product Description

Product Description

It’s the Cadillac of makeup pencil sharpeners!  The Osmosis Skincare Eye & Lip Pencil Sharpener features an adjustable tip shaper to create rounded or sharp tips with ease.  

With the Osmosis Skincare Eye & Lip Pencil Sharpener, you’ll be able to customize your pencils for easier makeup application and achieve precise looks.

The Osmosis Skincare Eye & Lip Pencil Sharpener cleans easily and is completely portable, making it the perfect addition to your makeup kit and your purse, so you can have perfectly sharp pencils every time.  

Each Osmosis Skincare Eye & Lip Pencil Sharpener Includes

  • Case
  • Sharpener
  • Cleaning tool
  • Tip shaper - round or pointed

Recommended Skin Types

The Osmosis Skincare Eye & Lip Pencil Sharpener is recommended for anyone who uses makeup.  It works with eye and lip pencils so you can apply makeup exactly how you want it.


  • Sharpens both eye and lip pencils for perfect tips every time
  • Creates super-sharp points for precise makeup application
  • Also makes round, blunt tips for a thicker line and smudgy look
  • Includes everything you need to sharpen pencils and clean the sharpener
  • Comes with an adjustable tip shaper so you can customize your makeup pencils
  • Allows for easier, more precise makeup application for a custom look
  • The ultimate eye and lip sharpening tool
  • Dual chamber technology
  • Small, compact package makes it easily portable

How to Apply

To change the desired shape of a pencil, either leave the Tip Shaper in or take it out.  For a full, rounded tip, leave the Tip Shaper in.  For a moire pointed tip, remove the Tip Shaper.  In order to remove the Tip Shaper, you must remove the Sharpener from the case.  

  • To clean the sharpener and remove shavings, remove the top part of the case
  • To clean the sharpener, use the cleaning tool to push shavings out of the blade and from the inside of the sharpener.


The ingredients list for the Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare Colour Pencil Sharpener is currently not available.