Mirabella Lash Luxe Mascara

Mirabella Lash Luxe Mascara

Item#: mirabella_lash_mascara

Mirabella Lash Luxe Mascara is a luxurious mascara that lengthens your lashes, curls your lashes and adds extra volume, making them as full as they can be.

Product Description

Product Description

Mirabella Lash Luxe Mascara is consciously created without paraben, gluten, or FD&C dyes. Your lashes will love the gentle formula that won't cause your eyes to tear up as some other brands may. The rich color dark color brings out the best in your lashes, bringing attention to your eyes, making them the first thing anyone sees.

Draw attention to your best feature with this thick, luscious mascara that brings out every aspect you want in your lashes. This mascara gives your lashes the absolute best ingredients that keep your lashes conditioned while adding fullness and length at the same time. The formula is unique as it also helps your lashes achieve a natural, upward curl that makes them look even longer. It is easy to apply with a few quick strokes and comes off just as easily when it's time cleanse your face.

Recommended Skin Types

Mirabella Lash Luxe Mascara is gently formulated for even the most sensitive skin and won't make your eyes tear.

Main Benefits

  • Gentle formula for the most sensitive eyes
  • Won't clump
  • Three in one
  • Lengthens
  • Adds volume
  • Curls lashes
  • Rich, dark color
  • Brings out the best of your lashes
  • Easily washes off

How to Use

After your face and lashes have been cleaned, apply your makeup and eyeshadow. Then you may apply Mirabella Lash Luxe Mascara by pulling out brush to wipe off excess mascara. Starting at the base of your lashes, apply by brushing from base to tip, sculpting your lashes in the direction you wish them to lay. Use an eyelash brush to separate lashes that may stick together. Wait until completely dry to apply any additional coats. Finish with your favorite Mirabella eyeliner.