Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil

Item#: MVA-08294-Red Velvet

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil helps you create rich full, voluptuous lips in several contemporary colors.

Product Description

Product Description

From sultry and pouty to pert and pretty, this rich velvet lip pencil goes on thick and creamy, infusing your lips with "Berry Flux Vita" that protect your lips from environmental damage, damage caused by free radicals and deep hydrating moisture. This lip color contains no paraben and is not only gentle on your lips, but supports healthy structures deep within, such as increased elasticity.

Each shade goes on velvety smooth, imparting a antioxidants and moisturizes to lips so you can wear it everyday. Not only does it look fantastic, it also supports the elasticity of your lips, keeping them looking plump and youthful. The rich color lasts for hours and provides a sleek satin finish to your lips.

Great fashionable colors include: Blush, a lavender pink; Red, a deep reddish maroon; Pop, a delightful coral with a splash of orange; Rose, a tempting dark fuchsia; Sweet, a pale pinkish nude; Love, the quintessential red.

Recommended Skin Types

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil is gently formulated and infused with anti-oxidants to keep lips healthy, and restore health to lips suffering from environmental damage, aging skin and free radicals, but is great for all skin types and shades.

Main Benefits

  • Soft, velvet creamy lip conditions lips
  • Always sharp for precision application
  • Six cosmopolitan colors to make your lips pop
  • Antioxidants fight signs of aging, environmental damage and free radicals
  • Berry Flux Vita support skin elasticity and infuse it with deep penetrating moisture.
  • Color flows on in a rich velvety cream
  • Long lasting
  • No parabens

How to Use

Wear Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil color alone or with full makeup. If applying full makeup, save the application of this rich lip color until last and watch your face simply come alive.