Mirabella Kabuki Brush

Mirabella Kabuki Brush

Item#: MB20804

Mirabella Kabuki Brush is perfect for applying mineral makeup, blush and powder.

Product Description

Product Description

This brush is hand crafted using fine brushed aluminum for the handle and ferrules that hold the high quality brush. This Kabuki Brush is expertly formed into a rounded tip, allowing it be used for a number of products and applications.

Mirabella's Kabuki Brush is built for luxury and contains hundreds of soft bristles that are strategically placed and shaped for smooth and even coverage. Each time you run your luxurious brush over your pressed mineral palette, your brush will pick up the perfect amount of makeup which will be deposited in a flawless application to your skin.

This brush will help you apply your makeup to perfection, getting just the right amount you need to provide the light coverage you have been hoping to achieve. Now your Mirabella Kabuki Brush ensure you get it.

Recommended Skin Types

Mirabella Kabuki Brush is safe and appropriate for every skin type. Made from high end materials, it won't irritate your skin.

Main Benefits

  • Mirabella Kabuki Brush is handcrafted with superior materials
  • Fine brushed aluminum covers both the handle and the ferrules that hold the brush
  • Mirabella Kabuki brush is rounded for improved performance
  • Non-allergenic for all skin types
  • Shape allows for controlled application
  • Superior, sturdy yet attractive construction
  • Long lasting
  • Create perfect look with mineral based makeup

How to Use

After cleaning and drying your face and using your favorite moisturizer or pre-makeup product, draw your Kabuki brush across your pressed minerals base and then gently brush onto your face beginning with your forehead and working your way down. Then use with your favorite finishing powder. Use a gentle soap and luke warm water to wash your brush, rinsing it completely before pressing out excess water into a towel, gently rolling the brush until nearly dry.