Mirabella Foundation Brush

Mirabella Foundation Brush

Item#: MB5424

Mirabella Foundation Brush is designed to minimize foundation waste and provide a safe, hygienic application the first time and every time that you use it.

Product Description

Product Description:

Designed to look great and keep you looking great, while going through daily use, the Mirabella Foundation Brush will be the only foundation brush you'll ever need, and its brushed aluminum handles and ferrules look great even as you apply foundation. No matter what type of foundation you use, the Mirabella Foundation Brush picks up and holds the right amount of foundation for application, and works well with both light and heavy use. When you are looking for a brush that works when you need it, trust the Mirabella foundation brush to work for you when you need it most.

Recommended Skin Types:

The Mirabella Foundation Brush is designed for all skin types and there is little chance of a skin allergy to the synthetic fiber brushes. Check with any foundation ingredients for potential allergens, as always.

Main Benefits:

  • Soft, carefully designed synthetic brush is hypo-allergenic and works with light and heavy foundation
  • Mirabella Foundation Brush is designed for long-term use
  • Foundation Brush is designed to be used with light applications and more in-depth application as well
  • Brushes will not crack or fray over time, long-lasting makeup support
  • Brushed aluminum handles and ferrules keeps your brush looking its best and makes it easy to clean

How to Use:

To use the Mirabella Foundation Brush, simply apply to foundation and then to facial area. The brush can be used for both light and heavy application of foundation with a minimum of wear to the brush. Brush can also be washed for easy maintenance.

Main Ingredients:

Brush is made of synthetic fiber materials. Ferrules and handles are heavy-duty brushed aluminum.