Mirabella Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Mirabella Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Item#: MB6862

FREE SHIPPING! Mirabella Flat Eyeshadow Brushes are hand-sculpted, which makes them light and convenient to use.

Product Description

Mirabella Flat Eyeshadow Brush

If you want to bring your eye-make up to the “next level”, consider getting the Mirabella Flat Eyeshadow Brush.  This is a French-style flat eyeshadow brush that you will simply love to use due to its unique ability to lay down color evenly and quickly.  This brush has a unique tapered design, which aids in the reduction of powder fall out. Hence, a must have accessory for those that hate cleaning “makeup messes”.  Also, because there is reduced powder fall out, you do not need to overuse an eyeshadow to get the perfect finish, one application (or two) is usually enough to get your desired consistency.

These brushes are effortless to use and offer a flawless application of eyeshadow. This brush is also quite versatile and can be effectively used in different make-up application techniques.

One unique quality that makes Mirabella brushes an ideal choice is the fact that they are made from some of the finest, high-quality materials available such as natural pony hair. They also feature classy, exclusive brushed aluminum handles and ferrules, that any lady would be proud to be seen using.  Because these brushes are made from high-quality materials, professional makeup artists do not have to worry about breaking them during dynamic applications.

The flat, tapered head featured in this eyeshadow brush from Mirabella is useful in achieving the modern smoky eye effect, in an effortless manner. This brush is also excellent when you want to achieve precise and intense effects.

This brush is the ideal choice for the beginners seeking to create professional looks using eye-shadow, for those that want to improve their application skills and also for the busy makeup professionals who want to achieve a unique outcome in little time; in other words it is an all-round brush.