Mirabella Face Blender Brush

Mirabella Face Blender Brush

Item#: MB5734

Mirabella Face Blender Brush offers a tapered domed shape for a flawless, easy application.

Product Description

Product Description

 It is a fluffy eye brush that perfectly fuses eyeshadow. It creates an eye that is naturally sculptured. The brushes are made with the finest quality materials. It contains exclusive brushed aluminum handles and ferrules.

 Key features

  • It has brushed aluminum handles that make cleaning easy
  • It fits perfectly in the crease of the eye
  • The brush clears makeup blurs such as harsh edges and too much shadow in one are
  • The fluffy domed brush blends out the eyeshadow seamlessly
  • It is made from natural goat hair
  • It weighs about 2.4 ounces making it a lightweight touch and giving it an exquisite balance

The blending brush is used after you are done applying the face makeup. It is designed to blend all the makeup components giving the face an airbrushed look. A sweeping motion is used to blend over the skin.

  • It should be easy to clean
  • It should fit the crease of the eye
  • It should be lightweight
  • It should be easy to use yet durable

How to use the blender brush

 Apply the makeup in circular motions for even distribution


It is made from synthetic bristles

 Taking care of the makeup brush

  • Clean the brushes regularly to avoid skin breakout
  • Use baby soap, unscented bar soap or dish detergent mixed with lukewarm water to clean them. Alternatively, one can use brush –specific cleaning formulas. For brushes that appear cakey, use a dab of olive or almond oil to break down the residue. Pat the brush dry or let it dry out on its own before storing it.
  • While cleaning, ensure you take care of the bristles
  • Always store the brush properly, probably in a clean makeup bag.