Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush

Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush

Item#: MB8133

Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush bristles are carefully selected to apply just the right amount of color.

Product Description

Product Description

Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush is handcrafted using the best materials. Sophisticated brushed aluminum is used to create the ferrule and the handle of this exquisite brush. Each bristle is examined and meticulously set. After being secured, the brush is given a final shaping, ensuring that it will be the perfect tool to apply color to your lids, gripping it in soft, shaped bristles that leave the color behind when brushed across the eyelid and underneath the brow.

The unique shape lets you blend your favorite colors into a seamless presentation, flowing from one color to the next to highlight your eyes. With this shape, you have much more control over where you place your eyeshadow color and how you blend it. Create dramatic looks for those special nights, or simple one shade shadows for lazy days.  

Use Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush to apply color and blend it to achieve the effect you are looking for. With this precision brush, you gain more control over your color, creating your perfect look. The attractive brushed aluminum handle is the perfect length for maximum control

Recommended Skin Types

Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush is crafted from high end materials that include brushed aluminum handles and hand sculpted brush is appropriate for all skin types.

Main Benefits

  • Hand crafted brush
  • Crafted from high end materials
  • Brushed aluminum handle and ferrule
  • Hand sculpted brush
  • Brush is perfect for applying and blending color

How to Use

Use your Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush to apply eyeshadow and blend colors. Wash your brush regularly with a gentle soap and lukewarm water, ensuring that the soap is completely rinsed clean. Roll brush in a soft towel to absorb excess water and reshape. Set aside until thoroughly dry.