MiraBella Eye Definer

MiraBella Eye Definer

Item#: MB02803_411_437

Mirabella Eye Definer will help you create just the right look, from timid to bold.

Product Description

MiraBella Eye Definer

Product Description

Mirabella Eye Definer in Twig, Khaki and Smoke colored eye pencils allow you to create dramatic lines that bring out your eyes. Gluten and paraben free, these eye definers are gently formulated for every skin type and all skin colors. Select the style that fits you best and create understated yet noticeable looks using the fine, thin line this eye lining pencil provides. The rich color goes on easily even though the pencil is paraben free.

Mirabella in Twig outlines your eyes in a deep earthy brown; Khaki is also a deep earthy brown with a hint of forest green and smoke is a rich coal black. All three create remarkably different looks, bringing out your different sides, showing the world a new aspect of yourself with each color.

The fine line of the eye pencil gives you extraordinary control over your eye design. Whether thin, swooping lines are your heart's desire or you wish to make a bold statement using a thicker line, your pencil is perfect for creating them all.

Recommended Skin Types

Mirabella Eye Definer colored eye lining pencil is gently formulated without paraben and is great for every skin type. As usual if you have allergy prone skin, you should perform your regular allergy test before applying to the area around the eyes.

Main Benefits

  • Ultra-fine line for perfect definition
  • Gentle formula for all skin types
  • Create thin, precise lines
  • Create thick bold lines
  • Bring out your many sides with three earthy colors
  • Easy application
  • Contains no paraben

How to Use

Apply Mirabella Eye Definer colored pencil eye liner to the edge of your eyelid just blow your lashes on both your upper and lower lids. Create thin lined looks or bold thick outlines for a dramatic statement. Remove with Mirabella Simply Remove makeup remover.

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