Mirabella Diamond Deceit Eye Shadow Palette

Mirabella Diamond Deceit Eye Shadow Palette

Item#: mirabella_diamond_deceit_eye_shadow_palette

Mirabella Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eye Shadow Palette is a luxuriously rich and shimmering eye are sculpted to remind one of rich jewel earrings.

Product Description

Product Description

There are two paired duos, the first includes a creamy white to contrast against a rich, deep classic smoke. These two combine to create a dramatic look for wearing to the Opera or Gallery opening. The second duo combines a cheery sky blue with a silvery companion. The rich colors are pressed into a satin smooth powder that delivers rich, vibrant color.

Wear a new combination each day of the week and experience each new side of yourself you discover in the color. This color palette is gently formulated without paraben. The color brushes on effortlessly and blends expertly to create a myriad of possibilities.

Recommended Skin Types

Mirabella Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eye Shadow Palette is gently formulated for all skin types. If you have allergy prone skin, as always, perform your allergy test before applying to eyelids.

Main Benefits

  • Rich vibrant color duos
  • Gentle formula for all skin types
  • Create a myriad of looks with this color collection
  • Sophisticated colors
  • Use on bare skin or with mineral makeup
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free
  • Shimmering, eye catching finish
  • Silky smooth feel

How to Use

Using your Mirabella Eye Shadow Brush, brush across the surface of the pressed shadow to pick up color. Brush a Mirabella Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eye Shadow Palette color onto your lower lid first, selecting the darker shade of your collection onto your lower lid, beginning at the inside corner and brushing across the eyelid to the outer edge. Clean your eyeshadow brush or use a different brush and pick up the lighter color of the duo and brush across the area just below the brow, blending where needed with the darker shade for a smooth transition.