Mirabella Detail Brush

Mirabella Detail Brush

Item#: MB5726

Mirabella Detail BrushIt is used to apply tint crèmes, foundations and even skin enhancing powders.

Product Description

Product Description

Are you confused on the type of brush that you can use for all your makeup using one brush? Buy the flexible and affordable detail brush.  The brush is of high quality and made of standard materials that are long lasting. It is usually long and soft, this enables you to use the brush without straining or even damaging your skin. It is also a luxury brush that provides effortless and complete application of make ups. They give that perfect illusion on your skin. It is gentle and tender enough. Due to this it provides safety even to the ultra sensitive skin.

Recommended skin types

The detail brush is suitable for all skins. However this brush is highly effective on oily skins that require maximum applications to maintain that dry but beautiful look.

Main benefits

  • It enhances crèmes to provide cellular protection and hydration to the skin.
  • It helps you mix your makeup appropriately so that they give that youthful and radiant look.
  • It always leaves your skin airy and young.
  • It is a calm cleansing product for the skin.
  • It creates soothing and antibacterial properties for your skin.
  • It completely diffuses the crèmes in your skin as it reduces those large pores on your skin.
  • It creates an excellent application that matches with your skin color.

How to use

 If you are doing this yourself, start by washing your face and removing the previous makeup you used. Dry your face using a clean towel. Ensure the makeup is close to you for effective application. Then use the brush along with other crèmes. Move the brush silently and smoothly in gliding movements for desired results.

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