Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer

Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer

Item#: mirabronzed-Tawny-Warmth

Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer offers a glow and sun kissed color to illuminate your facial features.

Product Description

Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Primer

Product Description
Do you want to have that sun kissed appearance for your face? We have the solution to your need. The Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer is a synthetic product that will see you through achieving this. It is a natural product with minerals that enhance your look and adds the perfect amount of bronze and glow! It is usually transparent to allow layering.
Recommended skin types
The Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer is recommended for skins that are affected by the sun. These are skins that get extremely brown under the sun. However, if you need that glowing appearance for your skin or face and it’s not affected by the sun, you can still use the Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer as it does not have any side effects.  


  • It brings out a natural radiance for your skin without exaggerating how you look.
  • It controllably creates a long lasting coverage on your skin.
  • It releases an even and instant color distribution for your face.
  •  It allows simple layering on your skin in an easy manner.
  •  It allows colors to combine excellently for a unique and gleaming appearance.
  • It gives the skin that smooth and softly polished appearance.
How to Use
For excellent appearance for using the Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer, we provide guide lines on how to use the brush effectively. Apply the Mirabella Bronzed Mineral Bronzer in fluid motions using a powder brush. To get that complete and long lasting coverage for your skin use also the blush brush to emphasize your look. Below your cheekbones use a darker shade to enhance the appearance. Then around the nose use the contour blush for that perfect image. Finally dust your face using the face blender brush.