Mirabella Blush Contour Brush

Mirabella Blush Contour Brush

Item#: MB9013

Mirabella Blush Contour Brush are hand shaped brushes that are made up of fine materials for applying the perfect contour.

Product Description

Product Description

They have unique handles and ferrules that are made up of aluminum. Their bristles are smooth and tender to maximize your make up application. They are disinfected with various ingredients to be used on different skin types.

Recommended skin types

The blush contour brush is used to apply make ups on all types of skins. It is safe for the oily, normal and dry skin. The use of the brush is also not limited to the color of your skin. Buy the contour brush that best suits your skin and you can be assured of getting that look you wish for.

Main benefits of Mirabella Blush Contour Brush

  • They cover up the blemishes and dark spots on your skin.
  • They give an elegant and unique appearance to your skin
  • The brush is affordable at low prices for our customers. This is to ensure that you do not change the brush so as to maintain that radiant look.
  • The brush also eliminates black spots from your face and prevents the development of pimples on your face.
  • They help to prevent abnormal hair growth on your skin.
  • They leave a soothing and fresh feeling on your face after makeup application.

How to use Mirabella Blush Contour Brush

In case you are using the brush on your own, ensure that the makeup is close to you for effective make up application. Wash your face and ensure it is completely dry for the make up to adjust on your skin. Use the brush to get some make up then rub the brush gently on your skin. You continuously do this until you attain the appearance you wish. Give the face few minutes to absorb the makeup.

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