Matis Sensibiotic Serum 30 ml

Matis Sensiflora-Serum 30 ml

Item#: matis_sensibiotic_serum_30ml

Improves the skin's tolerance and leaves the skin soothed, comforted, and less sensitive.

Product Description

Product Description:

Thanks to its active ingredients, this serum has 3 complementary actions: it rebalances the skin ecosystem, reduces skin sensitivity and brings comfort. An essential product for sensitive skin with an immediate soothing feeling and a deep action to reduce sensitivity.

The skin is soothed, comforted, and less sensitive. The tolerance of the skin is improved. Its fine and silky texture envelops the skin with a comforting veil. Intended for women of all ages with sensitive and reactive skins. Dermatologically tested.

How To Use:

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck under Sensibiotic cream.

Key Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, prebiotic, saffron flower