Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit

Item#: VS582

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Collection is the number one defense system against malicious minerals.

Product Description

Product Description

Did you know that there can be some harmful substances lingering in your water at home? That means every time you shower, they could be penetrating your hair and causing it to be dry or dull. 

That’s why Malibu C developed their line Hard Water products to combat this hidden problem. This Malibu C professional hard water set is the perfect starting point to kiss dehydrated, lackluster locks goodbye and embrace lusciousness once again. 

The Malibu C Hard Water Wellness shampoo and Malibu C conditioner work in tandem to infuse moisture into the hair and protect it against hard minerals like iron and copper. After every use, you’ll feel your hair becoming touchably softer with a noticeable bounce. 

The Malibu C hard water wellness collection is the best next step to achieve your hair goals.

How to Use Malibu C Hard Water

You use Malibu C Hard Water the same way you would any other shampoo and conditioner. First wet your hair, then lather it with Malibu C Shampoo, rinse and repeat. Finally, you’d apply the Malibu C conditioner, rinse it out, and style as desired. 

Is Malibu C Sulfate-Free? 

Yes, it is! The whole line of Malibu C Hard Water Wellness products are free from sulfates.