Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap 5oz

Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap 5oz

Item#: LOL10PEW_4802_5307

Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap purifies the skin and infuses shea butter for a soft, smooth, and radiant complexion.

Product Description

Product Description

Triple-milled and infused with shea butter, Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap purifies the skin while providing it with rich moisture.  Rinse it away to feel clean, refreshed, and beautiful.  


Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap features a warm scent featuring vanilla bean and rice flower.  In addition, it has hints of jasmine sweetened with sugar cane, ylang ylang, and amber wood.  Each fragrant note works together to create  forest-like escape.  


Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap is delicately wrapped in paper featuring a pale blow and gold floral arrangement and bees perched on the label.

Recommended Skin Types

Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap is recommended for all skin types and every skin condition.  It is incredibly beneficial for dry, dehydrated skin and tired, devitalized skin.  


  • Ultra pure formula deep cleans the skin from the surface to deep within the pores
  • Nourishing shea butter moisturizes the skin for improved health and vitality
  • Refines the texture of the skin for a smoother, more youthful surface
  • Repairs and heals damaged skin for faster recovery

How to Apply

Use your hands, a sponge, or a poof to work Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap into a rich lather on the damp surface of the skin.  Massage into the skin for 1-2 minutes before rinsing clean, toweling dry, and applying a Lollia moisturizer.  

  • Tip - Add Lollia Wish Shea Butter Soap to your guest bathroom.  It looks gorgeous on display, and your guests will love the way their skin feels when they use it.

Key Ingredients

  • Triple-milled soap - purified three times to create the most potent, cleansing soap possible; uses an 18th century French process to create soap that is dense and deep cleansing for another level of clean skin
  • Shea butter - African tree nut extract that infuses the skin with moisture for a smooth, radiant complexion that is healthy and vibrant; soothes the skin on contact and heals the skin, repairing damage and dehydration
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