Library Of Flowers True Vanilla Gift Duo: Shower Gel & Hand Cream

Library Of Flowers True Vanilla Gift Duo: Shower Gel & Hand Cream

Item#: LoF_true_vanilla_gift_duo_shower_gel_hand_cream

Library Of Flowers True Vanilla Gift Duo: Shower Gel & Hand Cream quickly replenishes and leaves it soft and silky.

Product Description

Product Description

True Vanilla Gift Duo consists of one shower gel and one hand cream. The hand cream is divinely creamy and contains some amounts of coco butter blended with extra conditioning cocoa butter for deep hydration to parched skin.  The moisturizing hand cream lotion works well in with patched skin leaving you with a silky and soft touch.

The skin nourishing cream is infused with ultra rich Shea butter and it comes with triple scented additional fragrance which is designed to dissolve quickly into the skin leaving it moisturized and cleansed.  It contains macadamia nuts and avocado oil to blend the formula with soothing superior cleansing shower gel that lathers in pure perfumed bliss.

 The shower gel contains bee balm and jojoba oil that are essential in restoring the lost luster.  It transforms the dull skin with a deep cleansing extracts that replenishes vital moisture and then purifies.

Recommended Skin Types

The hand lotion and shower gel most suitable for use in all skin types but special attention goes to those with parched skin types. 

Main Benefits

  • Both the shower gel and the hand lotion transform dull skin into smooth and soft skin. 
  • It contains perfume that fills the air as you take your bath.
  • The gel washes away dead skin leaving you smooth and restored
  • They moisturize your skin with moisture rich and gets rid of rough, dry and dull skin

How to Use

Pour a generous amount of shower gel in your bathing water and relax in the tab for some time.  Scrub and rinse with warm water. Dry with a clean towel and apply some lotion on your hand and apply sparingly on your skin to receive a soft silky skin touch.