Ling Skincare Chromalight 1oz

Ling Skincare Chromalight 1oz

Item#: ling_skincare_chromalight

Ling Skincare Chromalight is designed for whenever your skin needs to be brightened. The natural formula is great for everyday use, but can be used whenever you want to brighten up a facial area.

Product Description

Product Description:

Thanks to the power of Ling's newly-patented ingredient Chromabright, your skin can be easily brightened wherever a dull spot can be found. Thanks to its natural formula, it's safe for almost any kind of skin. Meanwhile, Ginseng extract helps to revitalize dull skin and tone the skin’s appearance. With Ling Skincare Chromalight, you can take care of dull spots while revitalizing your skin in a flash. Just dab and done! Ling Skincare Chromalight is designed for daily use, morning and night-- or any time your skin needs the perfect pick me up!

Recommended Skin Types:

Ling Skincare Chromalight is suitable for all skin types, and is made with natural ingredients. As always, make sure to check ingredients for potential allergens.

Main Benefits:

  • Chromabright naturally brightens skin wherever you need it
  • Ling Skincare Chromalight contains a natural solution that helps to brighten the skin while soothing and revitalizing it.
  • An anytime skin brightener, Ling Skincare Chromalight is easy to use and to carry whenever you need it
  • Ginseng extract helps to keep the skin revitalized while Chromabright lightens the skin
  • Use daily and whenever your skin needs to look its best.

How To Use:

To use Ling Skincare Chromalight, apply primarily to dry skin after a face wash or a bath. Apply directly on face with fingertips to dull skin area, dabbing where it is needed most. Ling Skincare Chromalight should be used morning and evening, as well as whenever you feel it's needed. For ideal results, make sure to use the easy-to-follow LING Complete Skin Care Regimen. 

Main Ingredients:

Squalane, Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate, Ginseng Extract.