Ling Skincare feeLING Calm Rice Soap 4oz

Ling Skincare feeLING Calm Rice Soap 4oz

Item#: ling_skincare_calm_rice_soap

Ling Skincare FeeLING Calm Rice Soap gently cleans while quieting the mind. All natural ingredients include soothing lavender and coconut oil that keep your skin soft.

Product Description

Product Description

Each bar is painstakingly handcrafted, creating a unique rejuvenating, cleansing experience. As you begin to lather your soap, the soothing aroma of lavender begins to waft softly into the air, helping you relax as wash away the weight of the day.

Unlike other soaps, Ling Skincare Feeling Calm Rice Soap won't dry out your skin, but quite the opposite, it infuses it with moisture from rice bran oil, coconut oil and other natural emollients. Your bathing experience will transform your bath from a daily chore into a rejuvenating spiritual experience that will leave you feeling centered and balanced, with your skin feeling smooth and soft.

The generous 4 ounce size fits perfectly in your hand, making it much easier to handle than bulky soaps that can fly out of your soapy hands. Not only does Ling Skincare FeeLING Calm Rice Soap provide a relaxing clean, it is in and of itself a gorgeous of work of art, adding pizzazz to any bathroom with its granite-like appearance swirled with dark lavender, cream and an occasional dark highlight.

Recommended Skin Types

Formulated with all natural ingredients, Ling Skincare Calm Rice Soap is perfect for every skin type, even dry skin as the natural moisturizers prevent the sort of dryness associated with other soaps.

Main Benefits

  • All natural ingredients
  • Rich moisturizers leave skin soft and smooth
  • Calming lavender soothes the senses, cleans the body and lifts the spirit
  • Won't dry skin
  • Handcrafted

How to Use

Work soap with water using a washing cloth, bath mitten or your preferred washing accessory and wash using circular massaging motions while applying a soft pressure. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and then pat dry with an absorbent towel. Follow with your regular Ling Skincare moisturizing product.