Ling Skincare feeLING Beautiful Massage & Body Oil 4oz

Ling Skincare feeLING Beautiful Massage & Body Oil 4oz

Item#: ling_skincare_beautiful_massage_body_oil

Ling Skincare feeLING Beautiful Massage & Body Oil helps promote joyful feelings, uplifts mood and makes the mind, body and spirit feel young.

Product Description

 Product Description

Are you looking for an amazing skin care product or beauty regime that will leave your skin looking fresh and feeling young? We have seen products that claim to accomplish that dream. The harsh reality is that the most of the products will no deliver the expected results.

However, thanks to Ling Skincare feeLING Beautiful Massage & Body Oil, you are assured of realistic and innovative skin care help. The organic tea oil offers anti-oxidant benefits and scents to creat an uplifted mood,

Directions for using

  • Take a deep breath
  • Add a few drops to the oil water or use as massage oil.

 Active Ingredients

  • Safflower oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Castor oil
  • Green tea oil
  • Essential jasmine oil
  • Essential oil of frangipani
  • Happy and harmony
  • Green tea massage and bath oil
  • Jasmine and Frangipani

Benefits of jasmine oil

Did you Jasmine can be sniffed, sipped and slathered making you feel and look better

  • Breathing a scent of jasmine releases the feel-good chemicals in the brains that reduce anxiety and boosts energy
  • Applying jasmine to the body soothes the mind and body
  • It alleviates pains and aches
  • The essential oil found in the plant clarifies and protects the skin. It has antibacterial, potent antiseptic and antiviral properties
  • It hydrates for softer skin: The botanical extracts and essential oils help balance skin moisture naturally, restores skin elasticity thereby resulting in a softer skin
  • It heals blemishes and scars: it is a cicatrizer meaning it fades scars left by stretch marks, acne and skin wounds.

Buying Guide

  • Compare price among the various merchants
  • Be on the lookout for free offer and discounts
  • Personal preference


  • Store the oils in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep the away from fire sources; they are flammable
  • Use them within the recommended shelf life