Library Of Flowers Shower Gel Willow & Water 8oz

Library Of Flowers Shower Gel Willow & Water 8oz

Item#: LOF17SG6

Library Of Flowers Shower Gel Willow & Water immediately takes your mind to a pleasant bouquet of flowers that provides a beautiful aroma that you’re sure to enjoy.

Product Description

Product Description

 Now you can find that same great fragrance in the Library Of Flowers Shower Gel Willow & Water.  Although it is pleasantly fragranced, it also has very rich and creamy texture and restores damaged skin. This shower gel provides a spa like experience, while also transforming dry skin into healthy, well - nourished skin by  providing a deep cleansing experience. Its deep cleansing extracts replenish key, vital moisture to the skin as it purifies.

This perfumed bliss provides a pure, deeply penetrating cleansing to the skin.  This product has been  stored in hydrating Shea Butter to provide moisture-rich suds that restore and  refresh the skin.  It also contains just the right amount of Bee Balm and Jojoba Oil to restore and replenish luster of the skin that has been lost due to various factors, which is just a little know secret to soft touchable skin. 

Other key active ingredients, which include Cut Greens, Flowering Lotus and Watercress provides overall good health and wellness to the skin. 

The Cut Greens have been used to create emollients found in face cream, while the Flowering Lotus has been known for restoring a younger, more youthful appearance.

The Library Of Flowers Shower Gel Willow & Water simply provides an all natural, pure perfumed bliss. It transforms the skin, leaving it moisturized and purified.  Watercress is enriched with vitamin C and E and is considered a wonder food that provides overall good skin heath.

To Use This Product

The Library of Flowers Shower Gel Willow & Water works well on all skin types.  It comes in an 8 ounce tube and can be used by applying it directly to wet skin or by applying a sufficient amount to a loofah sponge or soft towel.

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