Library Of Flowers Perfumed Soap Field & Flowers 5oz

Library Of Flowers Perfumed Soap Field & Flowers 5oz

Item#: LOF17N3

Library Of Flowers Perfumed Soap Field & Flowers is a natural and organic characteristics enhance your skin texture, elasticity and health.

Product Description

Product description

During summer it’s all green and sunny, beautiful and smells like nature and you just can’t get enough of it. Yet the summer seems to go by pretty fast but you want to keep indulging in the sensation. Well, look no further. Library of flowers took all that and packaged it in a perfumed soap with the distinct aroma of field and flowers.

It has a rich base laced with choice botanicals and hints of apricot, honey blossoms and wild flowers. This unique mixture gives it moisturizing clean which helps rejuvenate your skin.

Skin type

Field and flowers perfumed soap is recommended for all types of skin.

Main benefits

  1. Its unique mixture has cleansing qualities that ensure your skin is getting rid of all the dirt on it leaving it soft and clean.
  2. Its unique mixture of natural ingredients helps moisturize your skin giving you that beautiful radiant glow.
  3. It’s made of natural organic ingredients that include hints of apricot, honey blossoms and wild flowers.
  4. It has a crisp, sweet, kind of floral fragrance inspired by nature. Research has shown that scents and fragrances have positive effect on moods and lowers stress level.

How to use

To use Field and flowers perfumed soap, start by moisturizing your skin with a splash of water. This helps the soap lather easily and glide over your skin. It also avoids a lot of wastage due to over application. Gently rub the soap over your skin directly but if you prefer, first rub it on your wash cloth. Carefully massage your skin in circular motion for a while. Rinse off the lather with some warm water thoroughly leaving no traces. Using a dry towel, gently pat your skin dry and the packaging is simply delightful with a flowery hand crafted cover.