Library Of Flowers Luminary Honeycomb 5oz

Library Of Flowers Luminary Honeycomb 5oz

Item#: LOF17Q2

Library Of Flowers Luminary Honeycomb is a perfect choice for a candle that you need for a three-day marathon of aromas, or for a candle that you can have unique aromas for any night.

Product Description

Product Description

Part of Library of Flowers' small batch perfumery, Luminary Honeycomb is a natural candle that will provide a stunning glow while providing a tempting fragrance to any room. The Luminary Honeycomb has three different flavors working within that will engulf any room in delicious, natural aromas. With three different layers of aroma, the Luminary Honeycomb will provide different scents as you use the 36-hour candle to your needs.

The top of the Luminary Honeycomb boasts a sugared fig aroma that is both playful and positive. The middle layer, ambrosia honey, will fill the air with sweetness like you wouldn't expect. Finally, the Royal Bee Blossom layer will leave the air feeling almost intoxicating. All the while, the room is enveloped by an even, quiet burn provided by an authentic soy wax blend which will ensure an even burn and a stimulating glow.

Dimensions and Fill Weight

3.125" Height x 2.5" Diameter. 5 oz Total burn time: 36 Hours

Main Benefit

  • Provides 36 hours of candlelight and three natural aromas in sync
  • Can be used at different times to ensure different layer effects take place on different days
  • Soy wax blend provides even, consistent burning from beginning to end
  • Pleasant for all occasions

How to Use

To use the Luminary Honeycomb, remove cover and light candle. Candle can be placed anywhere in the room and should be location should be chosen based on ideal glow. Keep away from flammable fabrics and stacks of flammable objects such as wood or paper. Make sure to extinguish flame when ready to put out candle.

Main Ingredients
Genuine soy wax blend. Layers: (Top) Sugared Fig Aroma (Middle) Ambrosia Honey Aroma (Bottom) Royal Bee Blossom Aroma