Library Of Flowers Handcreme True Vanilla 2.65oz

Library Of Flowers Handcreme True Vanilla 2.65oz

Item#: libraryofflowers_handcreme_truevanilla

Library Of Flowers Handcreme True Vanilla offers your hands to look and feel more supple and have a younger looking appearance.

Product Description

Product Description

Library of Flowers Handcreme True Vanilla is a delightfully unique beauty care product. It is a trio of fragrances balanced with vanilla. the first use of the handcreme is dispensed with Bergamot, the middle layer is crafted with Dark Vanilla and the third and final layer is Amber. This unique blending is irresistibly sweet and is infused with rich moisturizers such as cocoa butter and shea butter. Macadamia nut provides a restorative effect while avocado oil sends rich healing deep inside the skin. With antioxidants to fight environmental and free radical damage, skin is bathed in rich moisturizers. Skin heals and becomes restored rapidly from the quick absorbing formula.

Not only do hands become silky soft and smooth, the fragrance buffet is a wonderful experience. The fragrances are layered to blend together as they transition from one element to the next, giving way entirely to the next fragrance subtly. Burning dry skin is soothed speedily as the restorative and healing process begins with the first use. With regular use, dry hands become a thing of the past as the natural moisturizers are soaked up by thirsty, dry, cracked skin.


Recommended Skin Types

Library of Flowers Handcreme True Vanilla is gently formulated for all skin types, and is particularly effective on dry skin.


  • All natura
  • Triple fragrance in one
  • Restores and heals dry hands
  • Rich moisturizers get deep inside the dermal layers
  • Antioxidants fight free radical and environmental damage
  • Leaves hands silky soft and smooth
  • Absorbs quickly and begins healing fast
  • Soothes hands quickly

How to Use

Dispense a small amount of Library of Flowers Handcreme True Vanilla into the palm of your hand and rub hands together, getting creme into the rough spaces between the fingers. Apply a second application if hands are very dry.