Library Of Flowers Handcreme Linden 2.3oz

Library Of Flowers Handcreme Linden 2.3oz

Item#: libraryofflowers_handcreme_linden

Library of Flowers Handcreme in Linden not only replenishes dry skin, it also provides a delightful selection of fragrance, soothing the mind as the skin is also soothed.

Product Description

Product Description

Library of Flowers Handcreme, Linden is a delightfully fanciful fragrance blend of Linden blossom on the top, sweet Narcissus in the middle and Honey Clover on finishing off the dynamic trio of natural scents. These delicate fragrances are artfully crafted in small batches in the US by Margot Elena and have become the standard of botanical skincare products. She lovingly extracts the fragrant perfume from flowers and herbs, blending them into unique fragrance symphonies that care for your skin while tantalizing the senses.

Avocado oil helps skin heal while extracts of Macadamia nuts provide restorative properties. Rich emollients of Shea butter and Cocoa butter provide a deep, penetrating moisture that absorbs quickly, restoring skin and softening hands to a silky smooth rejuvenated feel. Antioxidants fight the damage of free radicals and the environment as the restorative properties of the Macadamia nut encourage skin to repair and rebuild.

Recommended Skin Types

Library of Flowers Handcreme, Linden is gently formulated to treat rough, dry skin. Although it is been formulated to treat the needs of extremely dry skin, it can be used on any skin type.

Main Benefits

  • Restores and repairs dry skin issues unique to hands
  • Provides deep, penetrating moisture
  • Delightful trio of botanical fragrance
  • Lovingly crafted and packaged in small batches in the USA

How to Use

Gently squeeze the Library of Flowers Handcreme, Linden tube to dispense an appropriate amount into the palm of the hand. Rub hands together, making sure that the creme is rubbed in between fingers, where dryness is at its worst. Smooth and rub hands and fingers until handcreme is completely absorbed. Repeat as needed.