La Bella Donna Men Translucent Sun Protection SPF50 5gms

La Bella Donna Men Translucent Sun Protection SPF50 5gms

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La Bella Donna Men Translucent Sun Protection SPF50 is an all naturale, pure mineral translucent sun protection powder for face.

Product Description

Product Description

We have taken years to create this translucent, completely naturale sun protection for Men. It is the most amazing product to protect you from the sun and the environment including when you work out, go skiing, dive in a pool,playing all outdoor sports. It has complete UVA/UVB protection which means that you are also protected from the overhead lighting that contain UVA/UVB infrared rays(fluorescentl ighting)which are in most offices, public facilities.

These minerals are just as they are found in nature, with no chemical additives or alteration, refined through a triple jet milling process into the finest of mineral powders. LBD-MEN doesn't contain any FD&C dyes, oils, fragrance, talc, alcohol, parabens, cornstarch, or other chemicals. This product acts as a natural barrier on the skin. It's a product that is not absorbed into the skin. So, it also protects you from absorbing anything harmful, including the chemicals in a swimming pool. This means that while you're protecting your skin, you're also protecting your health overall. LBD-MEN provides complete UVA/UVB protection from the sun and the environment.

Wear every day, all day, without re-applicaiton. Soothing and calming, LBD- MEN can be used on rash-prone skin, eczema, allergy-prone skin (with a near-zero allergy rate), and sensitive skin. This pure mineral sunblock naturally keeps the skin cool, and reduces perspiration on the skin and doesn't irritate like chemical sunscreens do. Completely undetectable on the skin, LBD -MEN is for the very sophisticated male. Also, the travel-friendly component allows the minerals to be directly dispenses into the brush.

Uniquely designed, LBD-MEN provides a dial system at the base of the brush that allows you to decide how much or how little protection you require.

How to Use

Remove cap. Slide internal piece doen to reveal brush then turn dial to desired setting. Work all the minerals into the extra fine goat hair brush and apply evenly and lightly in small circular motions. Reapet as often as necessary. Dial Usage 1-3=Light Coverage, 4-6=Medium Coverage, 7-10=Full Coverage.


Only 4 ingredients:
-Micronized Titanium Dioxide
-Zinc Oxides
-Bismuth Oxychloride
-Iron Oxides