Kitsch Beauty Bar Bag - Coral

Kitsch Beauty Bar Bag

Item#: kitsch_beauty_bar_bag-Blush

Kitsch Beauty Bar Bag helps create a thick, foamy lather while shampooing and conditioning, and saves your shower from dish soap goop!

Product Description

*Shampoo bar and conditioner bar sold separately

Product Description

This accessory hangs neatly allowing 360° airflow to dry your bars quickly and help them last longer.

How To Use

  1. Place shampoo bar or conditioner bar in the bag.
  2. Feed the long side through the center hole on the short side to form a top loop.
  3. Wear top loop around your wrist and wet bar bag. Use both hands to rub the bag fabric gently against the bar creating a rich foamy lather. Wipe bar onto hair while inside the bag.