June Jacobs Mini Masque Quartet

June Jacobs Mini Masque Quartet

Item#: june_jacobs_mini_masque_quartet

June Jacobs Mini Masque Quartet includes 4 best-selling masques to hydrate, nourish, detoxify and renew skin to perfection.

Product Description

Product Description

Refreshing Mandarin Moisture Masque revitalizes skin with mandarin orange extract without adding excess oil while luxurious Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Masque richly nourishes skin with cranberry extract. Clarifying Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque dissolves surface impurities with a tropical trio of papaya, mango and pineapple extracts while detoxifying Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque exfoliates with pure pumpkin to reveal smooth tone and texture. Powerful patented anti-oxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts help to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from environmental toxins and combat the visible signs of premature aging. Leaves skin with a radiant, healthy, youthful glow. 

Kit Includes

Mandarin Moisture Masque – 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz 
Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Masque – 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz 
Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque – 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz 
Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque – 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

Key Ingredients

Mandarin Orange Extract - Derived from the fruit, flowers and peel of the tree cultivated in Spain, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant which helps restore hydration. 

Cranberry Extract - Derived from the berry which grows on low-hanging vines in temperate zones in many regions of the world, this fruit contains a number of compounds including flavonoids, proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins, linolenic and linoleic essential fatty acids and the polyphenol anti-oxidant, ellagic acid, which converts to tannins having both astringent and antiseptic properties. It also contains phytosterols, which help improve the integrity of the skin barrier and help prevent water loss.

Papaya Extract - Derived from the fruit of the tree native to Mexico, it contains vitamin C, minerals, flavonoids and lycopene (a carotenoid) which acts an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to promote proper communication, helping to soften and exfoliate the skin. 

15% Pure Pumpkin Fruit - Derived from the common field pumpkin native to the Americas, the seeds are rich in anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E, many valuable minerals (especially zinc), amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber and four times the amount of beta-carotene found in carrots. Protease is a pumpkin enzyme that has the natural ability to gently dissolve dry skin. It is used as an exfoliant in face masques as its protein digesting properties allow it to dissolve dead skin cells.