June Jacobs Exfoliating Scrub 3.8oz

June Jacobs Exfoliating Scrub 3.8oz

Item#: junejacobsexfoliatingscrub

Exfoliating and nourishing, June Jacobs Exfoliating Scrub stimulates the natural renewal process for a flawless complexion.

Product Description

Product Description

June Jacobs Exfoliating Scrub purifies the skin while promoting the natural renewal process for a truly great skin surface.  

Recommended Skin Types

June Jacobs Exfoliating Scrub is recommended for all skin types and conditions.  It is best suited for congested skin or dull, tired skin in need of revitalization.


  • Polishes away dead skin cells and other impurities for a truly clean skin surface
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration process for a more youthful complexion with a smooth surface
  • Works with you cleanser to provide another level of clean

How to Apply

First, cleanse the skin with June Jacobs 3 in 1 Cleanser.  Then use a small amount of June Jacobs Exfoliating Scrub, massaging it into the damp surface of the skin for 1-2 minutes before rinsing clean.  Focus on areas of congestion.

  • For best results, use June Jacobs Exfoliating Scrub once daily.


  • Pine Bark Extract - antioxidant protection from environmental damage and free radicals that lead to aging; packed with vitamin C to protect the skin, brighten the skin tone, and increase collagen level for a firmer completion; loaded with vitamin A to tighten the skin, reduce discoloration and provide a more youthful luster
  • Jojoba seed oil - rich in vitamin E to moisturize the skin and lack that moisture in; antioxidant protection from free radical damage
  • Mandarin Orange Fruit Extract - soothes inflammation and boosts the natural healing process; neutralizes bacteria; antioxidant protection; inhibits the skin’s natural inflammatory process while vitamin C increases collagen levels for a more youthful, firmer, less wrinkled complexion
  • Vitamin E - antioxidant moisturizer that protects the skin while providing rich, lasting moisture to all of its layers
  • Allantoin - from the comfrey plant, this extract stimulates the shedding of dead skin cells while boosting the skin’s natural recovery process; improves the skin’s natural moisture binding capacity while healing irritation