June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum

June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum

Item#: junejacobscellularcollageneyeserum-.5oz

June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum lifts away dark circles and improves the health of the skin around the eyes so they look more youthful, less wrinkled, and truly vibrant.

Product Description

Product Description

June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum fills fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing cellular function for truly younger looking skin.  Watch fine lines disappear, crow’s feet fade away, and dark circles fade away.  Gentle enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes, June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum will give you lively, vibrant eyes that look as beautiful as you are. 

Recommended Skin Types

June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum is recommended for all skin types and conditions.  It is best suited to treat tired eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles in the eye area.


  • Lifts away dark circles and other signs of fatigue for fresh, lively eyes
  • Increases cellular levels of collagen and elastin for fewer wrinkles and younger looking skin
  • Improves circulation for faster recovery and a more toned look
  • Antioxidant protection from free radical damage

How to Apply

After cleansing, gently tap a small amount of June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum around the eyes.  Allow it to fully absorb.  For best results, use twice daily in the morning and evening.


  • Elastin - improves the elasticity of the skin, tightening facial contours and reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Collagen - fibrous material that improves the texture of the skin, reducing age signs and promoting a more youthful complexion
  • Hyaluronic acid - showers the skin with rich, lasting moisture and enhances cell function
  • Coenzyme Q10 - improves cellular production of energy for healthier, more vibrant skin and improved turnover rates
  • Algae extract - rich in polysaccharides and fucoidanes to improve the skin’s retention of moisture as well as increase circulation
  • Rose hips seed extract - from berries, rich in vitamin C to brighten, tone, and protect the skin; rich in fatty acids to enhance the skin’ natural barriers
  • Panthenol - from grains and nuts; humectant that draws moisture from the environment for lasting hydration
  • Wild pansy extract - from the flower; improves the health of blood vessels for better epidermal circulation, enhanced recovery, and healthy looking skin