June Jacobs Brightening Serum 1oz

June Jacobs Brightening Serum 1oz

Item#: junejacobsbrighteningserum

Lift away dark spots, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and get a bright, even skin tone with June Jacobs Brightening Serum.

Product Description

Product Description

Perfect for lifting away dark spots and provide a brighter, more even complexion, June Jacobs Brightening Serum begins working on contact.  With consistent use, you’ll see brighter, more radiant skin that truly glows. 

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Recommended Skin Types

June Jacobs Brightening Serum is recommended for all skin types and conditions, and it is specifically formulated to treat pigmentation issues and age spots.


  • Brightens the skin to provide a more vibrant skin tone
  • Lifts away dark spots and reduces hyper-pigmentation for a more even complexion
  • Antioxidants protect the skin to prevent future aging

How to Apply

First, cleanse and tone the skin with your favorite June Jacobs products.  Then apply a small amount of June Jacobs Brightening Serum using your fingertips in a gentle, tapping and massaging motion.  Follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen.


  • Lactic acid - from fermented milk; alpha hydroxy acid that aids the skin in its natural shedding and regeneration process for a fresher, more vibrant complexion
  • Lemon peel extract - antiseptic, astringent, and nutrient-rich natural botanical that brightens and tones the skin; revives tired areas and evens the skin tone
  • Mulberry extract - anti-inflammatory botanical that brightens and evens the skin tone while preventing the formation of melanin to reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • Licorice root extract - anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and rich in melanin-inhibiting actives that reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation issues
  • Etoline - reduces hyper-pigmentation
  • Bearberry leaf extract - antioxidant to protect the skin, antiseptic to tone the skin, and arbutus, which reduces the formation of melanin to prevent pigmentation issues
  • Mitracarpe extract - anti-inflammatory that also reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation issues
  • Gigawhite - patented complex that reduces inflammation while stopping the skin’s production of melanin to prevent the formation of dark spots or other pigmentation issues