June Jacobs Brightening Moisturizer

June Jacobs Brightening Moisturizer 2oz

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June Jacobs Brightening Moisturizer is a nourishing moisturizer that lifts away age spots and evens the skin tone for a uniformly radiant complexion.

Product Description

Product Description

Watch dark spots disappear with June Jacobs Brightening Moisturizer!  Perfect for pigmentation issues, this powerful blend lifts away dark spots, brightens the complexion, and evens the skin tone.

Recommended Skin Types

June Jacobs Brightening Moisturizer is recommended for anyone who suffers from dark spots and pigmentation issues.


  • Brightens the overall tone of the skin for a radiant look
  • Showers the skin with rich moisture that lasts
  • Boosts the skin’s appearance with a rejuvenating blend of natural ingredients
  • Protects the skin from premature aging and free radical damage
  • Lifts away dark spots and pigmentation issues for an even complexion 

How to Apply

After cleansing the skin, apply a small amount of June Jacobs Brightening Moisturizer to affected areas.  For best results, use twice daily in the morning and evening.


  • Lactic Acid - from fermented milk, an alpha hydroxy acid that stimulates the skin’s natural desquamation and regeneration process to strengthen the skin and provide a clean, smooth complexion; acts as a humectant to draw water from the environment for lasting hydration benefits
  • Lemon peel extract - rich in vitamin A and ascorbic acid to brighten the skin and tone it for a smooth, pore-free appearance
  • Bearberry Extract - rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from premature aging; inhibits the formation of melanin to prevent hyper-pigmentation
  • Mulberry extract - contains anti-inflammatory active ingredients while simultaneously inhibiting the formation of dark spots and age spots
  • Licorice root extract - anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory brightener that lifts away dark spots and evens out uneven skin tone
  • Gigawhite - patented whitening complex that brightens the overall tone of the skin
  • African palm oil - rich in fatty acids to fortify the skin’s natural barriers while locking moisture into the skin
  • Sweet almond seed oil - rich in fatty acids as well as vitamin A and E to provide a rich, full complexion that looks smooth and gorgeous
  • Shea butter - infuses the skin with natural moisture while protecting it with antioxidants