Jan Marini Factor A Plus Cream

Jan Marini Factor A Plus Cream

Item#: JMTH0108_896_1033

Jan Marini Factor A Plus Cream - DISCONTINUED

Product Description

This product has been discontinued by Jan Marini.  The recommended replacement is Age Intervention Retinol Plus

Factor-A Plus®Cream combines the benefits of retinol (all-trans-retinol/ROL) with the proven results of glycolic acid. This combination results in a synergistic formulation that accelerates skin resurfacing and rejuvenation as well as acting as an exceptional tool for clearing acne-prone skin. Factor-A Plus Cream can be used in addition to other glycolic acid products and will assist in intensifying and enhancing the overall patient outcome.

Key Technologies

  • All-Trans-Retinol
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Beta Glucan 1,3
  • Blend of Skin Conditioners and Hydrating Agents

Features & Benefits

  • Retinol complex dramatically improves the appearance of aging and photo-damaged skin
  • Addition of glycolic acid intensifies, accelerates and enhances outcome.
  • Skin appears finer in texture, firmer and more elastic
  • Includes advanced skin enhancing agents and collagen boosters
  • Aids in preventing, clearing and maintaining "problem" skin
  • Light emollient base leaves skin silky, smooth & hydrated

Skin Types

Normal to dry 

Usage Instructions

  • Week One: IMPORTANT - Apply at night only twice during the first week, with three full days between each application. Apply Factor-A Plus Cream sparingly to entire face, including under eyes. Avoid upper eyelids.
  • Week Two: Apply Factor-A Plus Cream every other night.
  • Week Three: Apply Factor-A Plus Cream every night.
  • Week Four: Continue applying every night as directed. If skin is not experiencing any undue redness or irritation, you may begin applying Factor-A Plus Cream in the morning as well. During the first week of twice daily application, use every other morning only.