Instantly Ageless Sands of Time

Instantly Ageless Sands of Time

Item#: IS7972

Instantly Ageless Sands of Time works by gently removing old, dead skin cells that clog pores and dull your skin tone. With regular use, it gets rid of those cells. The radiant complexion underneath has a chance to shine. Your skin looks younger because you uncover new cells.

Product Description

Product Description:

Are you ready to clear away dead skin cells to let your inner radiance shine through? Look no further than Instantly Ageless Sands of Time, a gentle microdermabrasion in a jar.  This creamy, exfoliating scrub instantly gives your skin a younger, clearer look. Your face looks smoother and feels softer.

Skin Types:

It works on every skin type. The microbeads are made to do their work gently on your pores. This is especially helpful if the skin on your face is a mix of sensitive, dry, normal and oily, which is common for many people.


  • The Sands of Time actually encourage new cell growth by clearing pores of dirt and sweeping away the worn-out upper layer of skin. 
  • With new skin comes a luminous look of healthy, bright skin. 
  • It helps to hydrate your skin because moisture can penetrate more deeply after old skin cells are removed.
  • Its gentle beads rid your skin of makeup and all types impurities that embed themselves deep in your pores. In one step you deep clean, refresh and soften your skin.
  • Because it does so much in one quick application, it is easy to incorporate exfoliating into your regular skin routine. Most people find that two or three times a week produces the best results. The important thing is consistency.

How To Use:

Just put a small amount on the tips of your fingers and gently massage it into damp skin. Avoid the eye contour area. Be sure to rinse your face well with warm water.