Image Skincare Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Pads 4oz / 118ml

Image Skincare Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Pads 4oz / 118ml

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Bring the power of Image Skincare's acne treatments wherever you go with Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Pads! These acne-killers are perfect anytime your skin is oily and you can't get home to use an acne cleanser. Bring them on a business trip, store them in the car, or put them in your gym locker to prevent acne any time!

Product Description

Product Description

Image Skincare Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Pads use the power of salicylic and glycolic acid to cleanse the skin, removing oil and other acne-causing impurities to treat and prevent acne.  Perfect for on-the-go use, these cleansing pads clear pores and leave the skin feeling vibrant and looking fresh.  A powerful blend of antioxidants penetrates the skin to reduce the inflammation associated with acne and soothe redness.  

You can bring a powerful acne-treatment cleanser on the go!  There’s no need to wait until you get home to use an acne clenaser!  Completely portable and in a sealable package, Clear Cell Salicylic Pads are perfect for the gym or any time you are between facial cleanses.  Use them any time you feel oily to improve your skin and prevent acne.

Recommended Skin Types

Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Pads are best-suited for teen skin, oily skin, and acne.  However, they also work well to cleanse all skin types, especially when using a cleanser isn’t an option. 


  • AHA/BHA clarifier
  • All the power of Image Clear Cell Salicylic Cleanser in a cleansing pad
  • Cleanses skin of excess oil and kills acne-causing bacteria
  • Balances the moisture and oil content of your complexion
  • Perfectly portable for on-the-go use - whether you are traveling or at the gym

How to Use

Rub gently over entire face or affected area.  It may also be used to spot treat trouble spots.  Whenever you use Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Pads, make sure you use an SPF protector to prevent sun-damage.  Use as needed for oil control.

* Caution - repeated use may dry out your skin.  Use an SPF moisturizer to hydrate and prevent sun-damage.


  • Salicylic and Glycolic Acids - AHA/BHA exfoliants
  • Allantoin - soothes and calms acne-redness and irritation
  • Tea tree leaf - bacteria killer