Image SkinCare Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub 4oz

Image SkinCare Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub 4oz

Item#: IMG-BS-103N

The scrub calms the skin instead of irritating it as other exfoliating products may do. Dirt and oil are removed from the skin, and all that remains is beautiful, glowing skin.

Product Description

Product Description

Image Skincare Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub comes in a container of four ounces. This effective scrub uses natural ingredients to exfoliate your skin. It leaves your skin beautifully buffed and polished. This scrub may be used on all skin types. It is particularly ideal for skin that is dry with a dull appearance.  


This exfoliating scrub offers an array of benefits: It removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. It also works as a highly effective cleanser, removing impurities from the skin. It adds moisture to your skin, and it nourishes it with vitamins and natural ingredients. The product prepares your skin for other skincare treatments, including sunless tanning products. It contains anti-aging ingredients that help to combat the aging process. This product does not contain harmful fillers or parabens.  

Key Ingredients

All of the ingredients in this product are designed to deliver amazing results. Walnut shells are used to exfoliate the skin. Pineapple and papaya also offer exfoliation. Malic, glycolic, and lactic acid exfoliate the skin, as well. A citric acid blend, along with vitamin E, provides antioxidant protection from environmental damage. Lemongrass works to cleanse and tone your skin. Grapefruit promotes the lymphatic process to restore the health of your skin. Gotu kola helps to increase skin circulation.   

How to Use

With clean hands, distributes a small amount of the exfoliating scrub on the area of your body that you wish to exfoliate (the scrub is perfect for use on the entire surface of your body). Massage the scrub on your damp skin, and allow it to penetrate into the skin for approximately a minute. Wash it off of your skin with cool water. To experience the best results, you may use this scrub on a daily basis.      

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