Image Skincare ILUMA Intense Bleaching Serum 1oz

Image Skincare ILUMA Intense Bleaching Serum 1oz / 30ml

Item#: IMG-IL-103N

This is an advanced serum that utilizes powerful lighteners to provide intense lightening of the skin.

Product Description

Product Description

Image Skincare ILUMA Intense Bleaching Serum comes in a one-ounce container. The serum may work with any skin type; however, it was specifically designed to minimize various types of discoloration and irregularities of the skin. This product works to decrease the appearance of melasma, freckles, and dark spots due to aging or sun exposure. It also works well on excessive pigmentation in post-pregnancy women, but women who are currently pregnant should not use this skin-bleaching product. The serum is powerful, but it is also gentle and soothing on irritated skin.

A Potent Formula Made From Powerful Ingredients  

This intense bleaching serum is made from a unique blend of potent ingredients. The primary active ingredient is hydroquinone, which inhibits the production of melanin in the skin. Azelaic acid and glycolic acid are used as skin lighteners. Licorice extract is another powerful lightening ingredient. Citric acid works as an astringent to tighten the pores and tone the skin. Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and calm the skin.  


This serum provides an assortment of benefits: Dead skin cells are exfoliated from the skin, so newer, healthier skin may emerge. Irregular pigmentation is reduced, giving the skin clarity and balance. Inflammation and redness are decreased, and skin that feels irritated may experience some welcome relief. The serum is oil-free, so it doesn’t feel greasy when applied to the skin (it does contain tea tree oil, which is technically an extract instead of an oil).

How to Use

This serum can be used in the morning and at night. Any product that contains hydroquinone should be used for no longer than three months at a time. Once the first three-month period is complete, you may wish to begin using the intense lightening serum (which does not contain hydroquinone) from the Iluma collection. Always be sure to follow the instructions that accompany the product.