Ilike Organic Skin Care Herb Infusion Serum 1oz
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Ilike Organic Skin Care Herb Infusion Serum 1oz

Item#: IL43_1397_1895

Ilike Organic Skin Care Herb Infusion Serum soothes inflammation and balances problematic skin types for a radiant complexion that is clear and vibrant.

Product Description

Product Description

Are you tired of dealing with sensitive skin issues?  Are you sick of irritated acne lesions bother you?  Try Ilike Organic Skin Care Herb Infusion Serum.  

This powerful treatment serum absorbs excess oil while soothing the skin to reduce symptoms of irritation, promoting a clearer, more vibrant complexion that looks radiant and feels strong.

Ilike Organic Skin Care Herb Infusion Serum can be used all over the body to calm inflammation and reduce breakouts.  Keep it with you to freshen up your skin and absorb excess oil no matter where you are.

Recommended Skin Types

Ilike Organic Skin Care Herb Infusion Serum is recommended for problematic skin types.  It is formulated for normal, combination and oily, acne prone skin as well as to treat skin sensitivity.  Use it on the face, back, chest, and shoulders for improved clarity and healthier skin.


  • Soothes the skin on contact for cool, refreshing sensation
  • Calms inflammation and reduces itching, burning, redness associated with irritation
  • Absorbs excess oil from the surface of the skin, reducing unwanted shine and preventing breakouts
  • Works on the back, face, and chest to promote a clearer, more vibrant complexion
  • Improves the skin’s natural resilience for reduced sensitivity
  • Balances problematic skin types to promote long term health and clarity
  • Organic herbs relieve a variety of sensitive skin symptoms
  • Fortifies the skin’s natural lili barriers to keep moisture in and contaminants out
  • Antioxidant vitamin C brightens the skin and lifts away discoloration for a more even skin tone

How To Use

First, cleanse your skin with your recommended Ilike Organic Skin Care cleanser.  Apply a thin layer of Ilike Organic Skin Care Herb Infusion Serum, allowing it to penetrate completely before applying a moisturizer.  Use 2-3 times daily for maximize benefits.

* Tip - Enhance the penetrative qualities of this serum by using after exfoliation.

Active Ingredients

Aniseed, Fennel Seed, Horsetail, Walnut Leaf, Algae, Zinc Sulfate, Star Anise Oil -- Kaempferol, Quercetin Bioflavonoids, Saponins, Biosugars, Plant Protein, Vitamins A, B and C, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements

INCI Ingredients

Aqua, Glycerin, Pimpinella Anisum Seed Extract, Foeniculum Vulgare Seed Extract, Equisetum Arvense Leaf Extract, Juglans Regia Leaf Extract, Xanthan Gum, Enteromorpha Compressa Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Salicylate, Illicium Verum Fruit Oil, Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Limonene*, Linalool*
Preserved with: Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Salicylate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate
*component of natural essential oils