Goldfaden Supreme Serum 1oz

Goldfaden Supreme Serum 1oz

Item#: goldfaden_supreme_serum

This powerful anti-aging concentrate infuses active plant stem cells, including Raspberry and Comfrey, combined with powerful anti-inflammatory agents and restorative properties to repair DNA function, protect against oxidative stress and control uneven pigmentation.

Product Description

Product Description:

Coupled together with extracts from Japonica Flowers, Swiss Cress Sprouts and Grape Extracts, these superior active ingredients work to protect, detoxify, promote collagen production and healthy skin function, resulting in a luminescent, plump and firmer complexion.

How To Use:

Dr. Goldfaden recommends applying 1-2 drops on clean skin to entire facial area morning and evening.


1. Repairs DNA function and controls uneven pigmentation

2. Promotes collagen production and healthy skin function

3. Protects against oxidative stress