Goldfaden Regenerative Night Cream 1.7oz

Goldfaden Regenerative Night Cream 1.7oz

Item#: goldfaden_regenerative_night_cream

Dr. Goldfaden’s powerful multi-functional anti-aging formula combines potent plant stem cells, antioxidants, and nourishing plant extracts to provide superior hydrating, firming and restoring skin treatment benefits.

Product Description

Product Description:

Supreme functioning Raspberry and Comfrey plant stem cell extracts along with Birds of Paradise extract promote skin cell longevity, skin detoxification, increase healthy skin function, and improve the appearance of fine lines. Developed specifically  for dehydrated, sagging skin that has lost elasticity. With daily use, skin is deeply hydrated, soothed, radiance is increased, and firmness is restored.

How To Use:

Apply on clean skin, after treatment serum, onto the face with gentle upward circular motions. For optimal results, use nightly.


1. Promotes skin cell longevity and skin detoxification

2. Improves the appearance of fine lines

3. Increases healthy skin function