Glo Minerals LUXE Foundation Brush

Glo Minerals LUXE Foundation Brush

Item#: gm_luxe_liquid_foundationbrush

This flat top Kabuki brush is made of natural soft bristles and a solid wooden handle. The soft bristles of this Kabuki gently caress the skin depositing foundation in sheer smooth motions, without shedding.

Product Description

Product Description

Apply your foundation like a pro with the Glo Minerals LUXE Foundation Brush.  Apply your foundation using the Glo Minerals LUXE Foundation Brush in one sheer application or apply several layers for more coverage.  Whatever you decide this kabuki brush is the perfect tool for the job.  Get a smooth even application with the appearance of airbrushed perfection.  The density of the bristles help with coverage while slightly longer bristles help with blending.  Its flat top handle helps as it lays against the face to reach different angles easily.  You can't go wrong with this much needed tool.  For flawless professional results the Glo Minerals LUXE Foundation Brush is the only choice.

Recommended Skin Type

Suitable for all Skin Types


  • Dense Bristles for Coverage
  • Longer Bristles for Blending
  • Bristles Made from All Natural Soft Taklon Fibers
  • Handle made of Top Quality Wood
  • Flat Shape Helps Reach Different Angles
  • Creates a Smooth Even Application
  • Apply for a Sheer Natural Look or Apply in Layers for More Coverage
  • Will Not Shed Bristles
  • Tapered Head Helps with Application
  • Easy to Clean
  • Created for Liquid Mineral Foundation
  • Soft Focus Finish
  • Professional Airbrushed Finish
  • More Sanitary than Applying with Fingers

Directions for Use

Pour a small amount of foundation into the palm of your hand.  The foundation will warm in your hand and be easier to smooth.  No more than a quarter sized amount is needed for starters.  Dip the brush into the foundation and start from the center of the face.  Apply the foundation in short sheer strokes blending as much as possible.  Continue to distribute the foundation evenly all over the face until the desired coverage is reached


All Natural Taklon Fibers

High Quality Solid Wood Handle