GM Collin Hydrating Cream

GM Collin Hydrating Cream 6.75oz / 200ml

Item#: GM_044

GM Collin Hydrating Cream provides comfort and suppleness to the skin.

Product Description

Product Description

This supple and velvety highly nourishing cream wraps the body in splendid softness, ensuring ultimate long-lasting hydration from shoulders to toes.

This lightly textured cream offers a source of hydration and improves the visible signs of aging. It protects, balances, and nourishes skin. Enriched with innovative probiotic active ingredients, it helps to maintain the skins natural defenses. Skin is smoother, healthier and younger looking.

How to Use

Apply after shower or bath. Massage until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Can be used daily, morning and/or evening, or as advised by your skin care professional.