Glymed Plus Fixing Powder

Glymed Plus Fixing Powder

Item#: GLY_1121

Glymed Plus Fixing Powder has a dual effect when applied to the skin after you put your makeup on: it rolls smoothly across the surface and soaks up the extra oil, reducing the undesired sheen for the enhanced natural look you want.

Product Description

Product Description

The GlyMed Plus Fixing Powder is a timely solution for men and women who can’t seem to get rid of their oily look – no matter how much they wash their skin. Too much grease on the skin also ruins makeup, as it lends and unintended sheen to the finish.

As for the second part, GlyMed Plus increases the lifetime of the makeup so that, at the end of the day, it still looks as good as when you first put it on.

Recommended Skin Types

Glymed Plus Fixing Powder is a product that can be used by everyone – skin tones from light to dark can benefit equally from its application. It retains makeup and eliminates the extra level of sheen produced by excess oil regardless of skin type.


  • gives the skin an arresting, eye-catching finish
  • when applied after makeup, glides over the skin, picking up excess oil and unclogging pores
  • long-lasting formula maintains the matte finish throughout a long day
  • very portable design with a teardrop-shaped bottle and applicator pad for easy application
  • very light formula that leaves virtually no imprint on the face – unlike the average heavy cream – yet has wonderful effects
  • made for all skin types, so no need to worry about irritation or inflammation for those with sensitive skin
  • comes in a couple of color finishes to better match light and dark skin tones

How To Apply

You can apply the GlyMed Plus Skin Care to your face before you put on makeup, so that you prep the skin in the best way possible. Next, once the makeup is on, use the included applicator pad to put some of the GlyMed Plus Fixing Powder on top of the makeup, to preserve it and keep your face free of extra oil and unwanted sheen.