Glymed Plus Age Management Beauty Oil

Glymed Plus Age Management Beauty Oil

Item#: GM31

Glymed Plus Age Management Beauty Oil is gently formulated from coconut oil to address the effects of aging in the skin.

Product Description

*Glymed+ is in the process of rebranding, because of this you may receive a product in the old or new packaging.

Product Description:

New Name - Glymed Plus Beauty Oil

This amazing oil hydrates skin as it fights free radicals and repairs damage caused by aging, the sun, and other environmental factors. Glymed Plus Beauty Oil is part of Glymed's Age Management System. The key ingredient that provides the astounding benefits to your skin is caprylic and capric triglyceride. The oil is a fabulous moisturizer, lubricant and emollient, providing intensive moisture to desperate skin. The simplicity of Glymed Plus Age Management Beauty Oil has been what women have been waiting for. The all natural oil is lightweight and provides and indulgent oil treatment that delivers the perfect amount of moisture to skin. Avena Kernal Oil provides skin with antioxidants to fight the damage of free radicals. It's also rich in fatty acids, another essential element for healthy skin. Algae extract provides antioxidants, proteins and minerals that the skin simply drinks in. This scientifically formulated oil provides hydration, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and normalization properties for the healthy, glowing skin.

Recommended Skin Types

Formulated with natural ingredients, Glymed Plus Age Management Beauty Oil is perfect for every skin type, but is especially effective for aging, dry, damaged skin.

Main Benefits

  • Hydrates skin
  • Fights free radicals
  • Normalizes skin
  • Natural ingredients
  • Perfect for dry, damaged skin

How to Use

First clean and pat dry face. Then dispense one to two pumps of Glymed Plus Age Management Beauty Oil to finger tips. Gently apply to face and neck using upward movements. Massage into the skin until completely absorbed. Freely use on any skin that is suffering from dry skin, like the hands and scalp or any location that is distressed. Use before bed and before applying daily make-up.