Glo Skin Beauty Brow Collection

Glo Skin Beauty Brow Collection

Item#: GLO_90065

The Glo Skin Beauty Brow Collection contains the right components for all of your brow needs.

Product Description


Product Description

Eyebrows direct attention to the eyes, so you’ll want to be sure to shape and color your brows beautifully. When you have access to this kind of collection, you can always get the look you want for your eyebrows. You may select from either the brown or taupe collection.

What’s in the Kit

This kit comes with an impressive assortment of implements to create your perfect brows. A set of tweezers enables you to remove hairs with precision. You can use the angled brow brush to add color and the right arch to your eyebrows. Four stencils offer four distinct shapes, so you can explore which shapes complement your features. Apply the brow powders to lend color to sparse areas; as an added benefit, the powder duo is also healthy for your skin. Use the spoolie brush to apply the brow wax that comes in the kit. Apply the highlighter to brighten the brow area and accentuate your eyes.


One of the top benefits of owning a collection such as this one is that you don’t need to waste time buying all the items you use separately. They’re all available in one convenient kit. You can create the look you desire with minimal hassle and expense. This brow collection contains tools to highlight, shape, color, and fill your brows, so they always look as gorgeous as possible.

How to Use

The first step is to find which stencil shape you wish to use. While you hold it over your eyebrow, use the angled glow brush to apply the brow powder. Then, shape your brows with the spoolie brush. Remove stray brow hairs with the tweezers, and use either of the brushes to apply the wax and keep the shape in place. The highlighter can be applied under the brow bone to make your eyes sparkle.    

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