GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula

GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula

Item#: glisodinadvanceddiureticformula

GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula was designed to improves lymphatic drainage and improves circulation for better health.

Product Description

Product Description

GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula enhances natural drainage by the lymphatic system to reduce the swelling associated with fluid retention throughout the entire body.  Using powerful ingredients like artichoke and burdock, this formula purifies the body from the inside out, eliminating toxins and promoting overall health. 

Working as a cleanse, GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula reduces circulatory congestion in both the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, reducing water weight and promoting the healing process. 

Use this system in conduction with other GliSODin products to even more enhanced benefits.  In particular, it’s works well with the weight loss systems to promote healthy weight management. 

Recommended Skin Types

GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula is recommended for anyone who desires a healthy mini-cleanse.


  • Improves diureses
  • Increases circulation for better health and recovery
  • Detoxifies the body for improved overall health
  • Eliminates bloating
  • Soothe inflammation and reduces swelling
  • Promotes a clear, balanced complexion with less frequent breakouts
  • Works with other GliSODin formulas to enhance weight loss

Clinical Results

Dandelion has been shown to reduce inflammation in test subjects.

How to Apply

Take two GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula capsules every morning and evening for 15 days prior to a procedure.  This product can be used safely with fillers, body contouring treatments, and weight loss programs.  It also works well after the Advanced Detoxification/Cleansing Formula and works with the Advanced Slimming Formula to accelerate weight loss.

Key Ingredients

  • Green tea - rich in catechins to detoxify the body and the skin; soothing, calming, and rejuvenating; enhances cell regeneration and the healing process; antioxidants to prevent oxidation and cellular damage
  • Artichoke - packed with phytonutrients to help cleanse the body
  • Burdock - 45% inulin, which purifies the blood
  • Dandelion - rich in potassium to boost diuresis

Complete Ingredients

The complete ingredients list for GliSODin Advanced Diuretic Formula is not currently available.