Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream Foundation Petite 4.5g

Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream Foundation Petite 4.5g

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Gerda Spillmann’s Bio Fond Cream Foundation Petite Compact (4.5g) lets you take your favorite Gerda Spillmann foundation with you wherever you go. The cream-to-powder foundation provides breathable coverage and a flawless complexion. Each compact comes with an applicator sponge and mirror.

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Product Description

Product Description:

Voted Foundation of the Year multiple times, Bio-Fond is used on numerous film sets and seen on famous faces around the globe. Bio-Fond cream-to-powder mineral foundation has been the go-to for celebrity makeup artists and their clients for over 40 years.

Bio-Fond contains 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients, which means the skin is allowed to breathe, helping to heal problem skin. Best of all? You’ll never have to worry about Bio-Fond causing clogged pores.

You can expect a velvety smooth finish, that offers buildable coverage so you can opt for a sheer, natural 5-minute face, or apply for full coverage application.

Bio-Fond helps to protect the skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, as well as environmental irritants and pollutants. Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Cruelty Free.

Whether you're running around town or jet-setting to a new locale, our petite (4.5 gram) black compact is the perfect companion when you need to save a little space. Available in 24 shades, the petite line also includes highlighter, corrector and of course, the perfect rouge for all skin tones, Bio-Blush (Crimson.)


  • SUNFLOWER SEED OIL rich in Vitamin E, helps to protect collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as guarding against UV radiation and environmental pollutants. High levels of Omega-6 fatty acids in this non-comedogenic oil combat irritation, redness, inflammation and acne; and also aids in maintenance of the acid mantle, your skin's natural moisture barrier.
  • EUGENOL, an antioxidant extracted from cloves, has been shown to reduce oxidative damage more effectively than vitamin E.
  • TITANIUM DIOXIDE provides natural and physical sun block protection from UVA and UVB rays, and is gentle enough for sensitive and redness prone skin.

How To Use:

Open the Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream Foundation Petite Compact, and using the included applicator sponge and mirror, apply a small amount of the foundation to the cleansed surface of the face. Start at the nose, and work outward, focusing on getting even coverage and a blended, natural look. Apply further layers as needed. Start with a little, and increase the amount used as needed. For best results, prime the face with Gerda Spillmann Hydro Pearls Makeup Primer.


The ingredients list for Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream Foundation Petite (4.5g) is currently unavailable.