Foreo UFO 3 LED

Foreo UFO 3 LED

Item#: foreo_ufo3
Deeply hydrate skin with a heated mask, while treating signs of aging with concentrated NIR therapy and full spectrum LED light - for an instantly radiant, healthy-looking complexion. 4 clinically proven technologies provide clinically proven results.

Product Description

Product Description:

Embark on a journey to deeply hydrate your skin with the Foreo UFO 3 LED, where a heated mask meets the power of concentrated NIR therapy and full spectrum LED light. The result? An instant transformation that leaves your complexion radiating health and vitality.

Within this innovative device lie four clinically proven technologies, each working in harmony to deliver results that stand up to rigorous clinical scrutiny. Experience the intersection of science and skincare with Foreo UFO 3 LED, and embrace a new era of radiant, youthful-looking skin.


  • Rejuvenating led therapy: Full spectrum wavelengths including NIR penetrate the skin to help improve more advanced signs of aging on a cellular level.
  • Deep tissue thermo-therapy: Near infrared wavelengths gently heat and soften the skin to infuse mask ingredients into the deepest layers.
  • T-sonic™ massage: Gently relaxes facial muscle tension points and boosts circulation - leaving skin refreshed, with a visibly healthy glow.
  • Ultra-hygienic silicone: 35x more hygienic than nylon, this bacteria-resistant and waterproof UFO™ 3 LED device is safe to use anytime, anywhere.


  • Increases skin moisture in 2 mins. Reduces wrinkles in 1 week.
  • Features a rejuvenating mask treatment, NIR deep tissue Thermo-therapy, LED light & massage.
  • Provides immediate and long-lasting skin hydration.
  • More effective & 10x faster than regular sheet masks, providing immediate & long-lasting hydration.
  • Helps active ingredients absorb deeper into skin, where they work best.
  • Must be used with UFO™ activated masks or FOREO sheet masks. Enjoy specialized treatments via app.

How To Use

STEP 1: Secure mask
Start with clean and dry skin. Remove the attachment ring from UFO™ 3 LED and remove your UFO™ activated mask from the sachet. Then secure the mask onto the device by clipping the attachment ring back in place.

STEP 2: Select treatment
Turn on UFO™ 3 LED by pressing the universal button. Press the universal button again (up to 8 times) to select one of 8 pre-set treatments. Or select the specialized treatment for your UFO™ activated mask on the app.

STEP 3: Hydrate
Using your UFO™ 3 LED device, massage the mask formula into your skin with circular motions around the face, until the treatment ends.