Library Of Flowers Eau De Parfum Forget Me Not 1.7oz

Library Of Flowers Eau De Parfum Forget Me Not 1.7oz

Item#: FOL_EDP_forgetmenot

Library Of Flowers Eau De Parfum Forget Me Not is the scent of your dreams. It has an air of mystery about it that just makes you want to delve and discover.

Product Description

Product description

Library of flowers has designed and created a flirty fun perfume that is just what you are looking for. The perfumed bliss is unforgettable and undeniably over powering.

Invigorate your olfactory senses with a beautiful bliss. It also helps improve your moods and lower stress levels. It also keeps away bad headaches. Smell good and feel amazing.

Skin type

 Library of Flowers Eau de parfum Forget Me Not 1.70z is suitable for all types of skin.

Main benefits

  1. It has natural organic ingredients that include osmanthus, rice powder and white orchid.
  2. It has a flirty, mysterious and fun fragrance. This helps positively influence moods and relieve stress.
  3. Perfumes help improve confidence levels. Once you smell good, you feel good about yourself in turn this helps boost your confidence levels helping you take on anything.
  4. The perfumed scent helps boost energy levels. Scientists have proven that good scent keeps you alert which in turn translates to better productivity levels.
  5. A good scent also helps one appeal to the masses. Relatively people relate to others inner energies as well as scent. Perfumes revive sensuality.

How to use

To use Library of Flowers Eau de parfum Forget Me Not 1.70z, ensure the skin is cleansed, moisturized and patted dry. Holding the perfume 5-7 inches away from your body, spray onto the pulse points for example behind the ears and on the wrists. Let the pulse points dry without rubbing.

Now you will cause a stir wherever you walk with the amazing scent you have on. Smell good and drag a friend along to perfumed bliss.